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104: Beyond your Barriers - Insight with Pratima Nagaraj Podcast

Vulnerability - a word that is easily dismissed and often misunderstood and associated with weakness and susceptibility. It's often the last thing on our to-do lists and well avoided in all circumstances. We wear our barriers like an armor as we are told that’s what will protect us. But more often than not, these solid walls we build isolate us from the world. They cut off our receiving. The challenge is to end this struggle, break down these barriers

and walk out like you are naked in the world. Learning to ask for what you need. Learning to express your true feelings, without worrying about how others will think of you. Embrace rewarding and fulfilling relationships. Give up perfection and be more real and authentic, displaying your differences and imperfections proudly. Be unabashedly who you are. 
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103: Surrender to the flow - Insight with Pratima Nagaraj Podcast

Surrender to the Flow

Surrender is not an action to take. It’s an attitude, an energy you be, a space you embody. Surrender - the word literally means to stop fighting. Stop fighting with yourself. Stop fighting with the universe. Stop fighting with the natural flow of things. Simply to stop resisting and pushing things against the reality. It’s a state of allowance. Total acceptance of what is currently. 

The moment we stop saying NO to our current life circumstances and say YES wholeheartedly, no matter what the experience is, we step into a state of surrender. 
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102: Opening up to Grace - Insight with Pratima Nagaraj Podcast

This week on Insight with Pratima Nagaraj, we are Opening up to Grace. 

There is abundant grace available right now in the universe that is untapped and unexplored. Waiting to be received and embraced by us.  Deep down within us, we are all seeking grace someway or the other, whether we know it or not. 
Hiding in those places that we avoid and don’t care to look. All it takes is a journey inwards to these unchartered territories rather than wandering away from them in order to unlock the gift of grace that is hidden so well. 
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100: Introduction to Insight with Pratima Nagaraj Podcast

Welcome to Insight with Pratima Nagaraj! This first episode is a quick introduction to the first season of this Podcast. Connect with me on for more


101: Finding Your Inner Strength - Insight with Pratima Nagaraj Podcast

This episode explores those challenging times when we feel like we want to quit and give up but running away from it can only take us so far. Instead, if we choose to trust and go on that inner journey of transformation we often discover our hidden inner strengths. That's what these situations are nudging us towards. Every single time. 

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